John Dalton was born on September 6, 1766 in Eaglesfield, England. He attended a Quaker school, which was ran by his father and his friend John Fletcher. After Dalton received his education, he went to assist his brother and cousin at a school that they taught at. In 1799, he was appointed a teacher of mathematics and chemistry at New College in Manchester. Dalton is most known for his atomic theory. Many of his ideas from his theory are not his own, but parts and pieces of ideas from other past scientists. He receives most of the credit since he was the first to publish the ideas into a theory. Dalton did not conduct any experiments to support his beliefs on atoms. His model of an atom was only a solid spherical shape.

Dalton's atomic theory:
Dalton's Atom Model

  • all matter is composed of atoms
  • atoms can't be created or destroyed
  • atoms of the same element are identical
  • different elements have different types of atoms
  • atoms of an element can't be changed
  • atoms bond in a whole number ratio

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